Canadian iPhone: awww, phooey.

iPhone 3G comes to Canada [image]

Well, via The Unofficial Apple Weblog, word has reached me that the iPhone 3G plans have been released by Rogers, and word is that they’re … less than spectacular.  I mean, really?  No unlimited data, caps ranging from 400 MB to 2 GB (which seems ample until some of the apps get installed and start suckin’ down the bytes), a piddling amount of text messages, etc.  Given Rogers’ track record I’m hardly surprised, but I can’t help feeling that they missed an opportunity to do something cool here.  (Full disclosure:  I used to be a Rogers customer until we got tired of being jerked around and moved to Bell, where we’re just been jerked around in new and interesting ways).

Ah, who am I kidding anyways?  It’s not like I have the cash lying around to splash out on one anyways, and I’m stuck with Bell for another God-knows how many years at this point.  By the time I get around to being able to buy an iPhone, the bloody things will be fully autonomous robots that run your life for you.


One Response to Canadian iPhone: awww, phooey.

  1. Jason says:

    yeah, its really lame how low the data limits are on the plans. pisses me off.

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