About myself: I’m a Ph.D student in Biology at a Canadian university in a major Canadian city. I’m married. For now, that’s about all I’m going to say, because although I don’t plan on going to massive lengths to hide my identity, I wish to remain mostly anonymous. The reason is simple. I hope to become an academic one day, and when academic search committees are reviewing candidates, word has it that they are smart enough to Google the person involved. I don’t wish to spend all of my time worrying about how what I say might be interpreted in the future, and so I’m going to maintain my distance by remaining veiled behind a pseudonym. People who know me well and stumble across this page may be able to figure me out, and that’s okay, but most of you will never know.

My interests are many and varied – I’m a jack of many trades and a master of few. You may see posts on here about behavioural ecology (my current field of study), broader issues in biology, psychology and in particular evolutionary psychology (my Master’s degree is in psychology, and I hope to bring rigorous biology with me if I go back to the study of human behaviour), statistics, general science and science education, and that’s just the scientific topics. I’m also interested in history, video games, programming and computers, and even, sometimes, the news.

Above all, I believe in the power of science and the need for good science communication, so I hope to showcase blogging about peer-reviewed research (see ResearchBlogging.org for more).


4 Responses to About

  1. oberon92 says:

    Hi, I blog as SpeakEasy in Mons – a blog for mental health service users in Wales, UK.
    Please have a look if you have time. I am interested in your blog ‘bullying success story’ and altho I see why you feel you let yourself down, I do think it is a story that could help others – many of the people I work with have experienced bullying, and some are still bullied. May I lift it complete onto my blog – with proper acknowledgement and a link to your blog?
    Will be glad to receive your reply – whatever the decision!
    All the best

  2. Winawer says:


    I’m glad you liked my post, and I would be happy to have you post it onto your blog in the fashion you mentioned. If it helps the people you work with in any small way, I’ll be absolutely thrilled!

  3. Clay Burell says:

    @Oberon, No self-promotion intended here, but for more adult testimonials of their years being bullied, be sure to check out the Your “Bullied Then, Successful Now” meme I started on my blog (and in response to which, so far, the post on this blog is a 5-star entry).

    Let’s promote as many of these stories, cross-link to them, etc, as we can. It’s a good use of web 2.0.

  4. Hey, what kind of anti-spam plugin do you ever use in your blog.

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