I haven’t been back to this blog in a while, but someone showed up to start a fight on an old post of mine, so I’ve been hashing it out with him for a few days. And it finally occurred to me to look at the site stats, and it seems that I’m still getting a surprising number of hits on this blog, to the tune of 3,500 a year. Now, that’s low enough to be largely explained by random robots and spammers, but it’s still a number that I find a little surprising in itself.

I’ve never been great at blogging in itself – the high volume of posting required to make it a worthwhile enterprise has always been something I’ve failed at. But maybe I can turn this into something more of an occasional-essay blog, and go from there. It seems to be worth thinking about …


One Response to Weird…

  1. V.B. says:

    Well, I just found your post (though google, first hit) on Latex2html for MacOSX and it saved me some pain to understand the dependancy problem mentionned here. This is the kind of solutions that will always be usefull…

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