Opposing views.

Via Panda’s Thumb, I came across a website that I didn’t know about, called Opposing Views, which is a regulated debate site where experts weigh in on each side of an issue and can object to each other’s arguments, while the public sits on the sidelines and comments.  I’m a little burnt-out on the whole “go on the internet and convince people” routine, because I’m frustrated at how useless most of these types of conversations are, but this site looks like a good alternative to the standard go-into-a-forum-and-scream-at-each-other thing.  Watching the (verified) experts lay out the case for either side is a good way to get a feeling for how strong the arguments really are;  for example, take a look at the beating that Steven Novella is giving Bill Reddy on acupuncture.  Here’s to the advancement of science!


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