Obama supporters – spam commenting?

Okay, this is a little strange.  I fired off a quick blog post earlier today about CNN and how it bolloxed up reporting its own poll results on a question about Obama and McCain, and I got this as a comment:

I agree ; we have to have Obama or at least the Democrats in power to bring the fisical HOUSE in order. Not only has the Bush/McCain Administration been running unabaited and above all laws but all their special interest are holding out their hands one more time before CHANGE arrives!

This comment, from one “Take It Back”, is a complete nonsequiteur.  If you read the original post *at all*, it’s clear that I’m not talking about either the Obama or McCain campaigns;  even a brief look at the title of the post would have told you that.  It’s really just a coincidence that Obama and McCain showed up in the post at all, since the poll could easily have been about cheese and the post would have been largely the same (if a little lacking in emotional punch).   For crying out loud, I’m not even American!  I’m Canadian!  We’ve got our own election to worry about up here, though I won’t be surprised if Americans don’t know that.

So, I can only assume that a).  the commenter was well-meaning but stupid, or b).  this is a spam comment, possibly automated, based on the keywords of “Obama” and “McCain” in my post.  Has anyone else seen this or anything like it?  A quick google search came up with nothing, but I’m wondering if this is a wide-spread problem or just a fluke here.

(Oh, and just to go on the record, I actually do hope that Obama wins in the United States;  as our large and somewhat bristly neighbour to the south, the election down there does have an unfortunate ripple effect up here.)

image:  david


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