I’m still alive! Mostly…

Sorry that posting has been light;  I’ve been fighting a low-grade yet utterly vicious head-cold that started the night I got back from ISBE (which I think may have been given to me by someone I know, and I’m going to have a few sharp words with them later!).

In the meantime, I thought that I might brighten the place up with Humanity:  We Suck, Pt III.  Turns out that someone has been going around on Facebook and pretending to be the sister of the dead Tim McLean, victim of the Greyhound stabbing on July 30 in Manitoba.  Posing as Tim’s sister Amanda, the con artist set up a Paypal account and has been soliciting donations to help with the family’s supposed financial difficulties.

On the upside, it turns out that while I was gone the funeral happened with the Westboro bigots failing to make an appearance thanks to the presence of community members and the Winnipeg police, who had threatened to arrest anyone causing a disturbance at the funeral.  I can only say, “Bravo”.


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