Humanity: still sucking.

As a follow-up to yesterday’s rant, humanity continues to surprise me with the depths that it can sink to.  First, PETA has published a lame defence of their ad on their blog in response to the angry e-mails that they got (I noticed that they’ve disabled comments and removed the comments on the post about the ad that I originally saw there).  I don’t have time to deconstruct their asinine arguments right now, but perhaps I can get to it when I get back from the conference which I should be packing for.

And in further news from the “bottom of the barrel” file, the morons are slithering their way north to picket the funeral of Tim McLean, the man who was killed on the Greyhound bus.  They claim that they are coming here to protest because of Canada’s enabling policies on abortion, gay marriage, and – get this – divorce and re-marriage.  I’m not sure what any of these have to do with Tim McLean, but at this point I cannot feel more sympathy for the McLean family.  First PETA uses them in the most despicable manner possible, and then the Westboro hatemongers threaten to show up and ruin the funeral.  On the upside, the CBC story reports that a counter-protest is brewing on Facebook, wherein the counter-protesters may form a human wall to keep the Westboro idiots away from the funeral.  If I was in Winnipeg (and not going to be in New York starting tomorrow), I would have to get off my butt and go help out there.

Anyways, that’s enough depressing news for now.  I have to go pack, or I’m going to be going to Ithaca naked (which I can’t imagine being great for my career).


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