Crackergate coverup…?

I’m not sure what’s going on with this one:  I picked up a post of Neurophilosophy today through my RSS feeds, entitled “Would PZ desecreate this?”, and clicked through.  I don’t think that the post was very well thought through, and the early comments were already pointing out a pretty basic flaw in the premise, but when I tried to add my opinion I got errors stating that the entry didn’t exist.  Sure enough, I looked at the side bar and the main page of the blog, and the post was nowhere to be seen (and neither are the comments).  Curiously, though, at the time of writing the direct link to the post is still active, though I still can’t comment there (I’ve got screenshots of the content, but I’ll leave them for now unless the direct link stops working).

I’m not sure whether Mo decided that the post was a bad idea, or if there’s simply a technical glitch, but I’m always suspicious of blog content that just up and disappears with absolutely no explanation.  I hope this wasn’t an attempt to rewrite history, because that is never a good idea; if you regret something you wrote, acknowledge your mistake and move on, but don’t try to revise the past.


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