The bomb has been dropped.

If you’ve been following the saga that is Crackergate, here’s the climax.  Pop some popcorn, head on over to Pharyngula, and hit “refresh” on the comment thread to watch the fireworks.

(image: darkly_seen)


4 Responses to The bomb has been dropped.

  1. Clay Burell says:

    I gave out after reading the first 1,000 comments. Have to say I’m pleased at the absence of threats from the Tribe of the Cracker. Surprised, too.

  2. Winawer says:

    Oh, there were plenty of threats. Someone was trying to post information about his home address and his kids all night, and they defaced his Wikipedia entry multiple times.

    In any case, he closed the thread after 2300 comments. 2300! (You should see his traffic meter: Over 100,000 visits yesterday! Seriously, that’s a frightening number of people to have stampede through your blog …)

  3. Clay Burell says:

    Holy Mother of FSM – 100,000 in a day. So I take it he deleted the threats, then? I saw maybe one unambiguous one in the first 1,000 comments – but it seems like many spam posts had been deleted, and I guess the threatening ones too.

    What’s the story on the campaign to get him fired? Is his U going to cave?

  4. Winawer says:

    I’m actually not sure what the status of the threats are. They’re referenced (see comment #2259 by PZ himself), but I’m having trouble finding the actual material – he might have wiped out the most heinous stuff, with good reason. He was posting the death threat e-mails that he was getting, and if you go back a few days into his archives they’re there. His readership got a little worked up and one of the people who e-mailed a threat was fired from their job because they used a work e-mail (actually, it was the husband who used the wife’s work e-mail, with the result that she was fired).

    As to the campaign to get him fired, I haven’t heard a thing. I wrote a letter in support of him, on the grounds that whether or not you believe what he’s doing is a good thing, he’s doing it on a private blog and thus it’s none of the university’s business. Of course, my wife and I had quite the discussion about that point – she’s a teacher, so she lives with fiduciary responsibility issues all the time, and so she has a different view on this than I do. But there’s been no official word either way, as far as I know.

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