The Free Software Foundation posted a long-winded and frankly self-serving screed about the iPhone yesterday, which had me wondering who peed in their cornflakes.  I mean, I like free software, and I use it, and I hope to contribute more to it going forward, but come on:  it’s not the only way to make software.  The FSF were completely out to lunch on this one, but it was John Gruber’s comment at Daring Fireball that nearly led me to fall off my chair laughing:

They’re accusing Apple of concocting the whole thing as some sort of profit-making scheme.

I had written a lengthy post rebutting the FSF’s position on this, but really, I just can’t top that.  (Though I will say:  Ogg Vorbis and Theora?  Really? Most geeks have no idea what those formats are.)


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