Steven Page arrested.

This breaks my heart:

The lead singer of the Canadian band Barenaked Ladies has been charged with drug possession in upstate New York.

Steven Page, lead singer of Barenaked Ladies, has reportedly been arrested on drug charges in New York. (CBC)

Steven Page, along with two women, were arrested after police allegedly found cocaine and marijuana in a Fayetteville, N.Y., apartment, according to a Syracuse-area radio station’s website,

Page and one of the women were apparently arrested Friday at about 2 a.m. after police discovered a car with an open door in the driveway of a home. While they were investigating the vehicle, officers observed a man and a woman sitting at a kitchen table with a white capsule inside an apartment.

Police said the man and woman had a substance that tested positive for cocaine. Page, 38, was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the fourth degree. He was reportedly arraigned in Manlius, N.Y., Town Court and released after posting $10,000 US bail.

I’ve loved the Barenaked Ladies since their first album (Gordon), which I used to play over and over again in my room.  Since then, I’ve followed their career, been to their shows, and cheered their positions on DRM and copyright in general.  So it really disappoints me to see something like this show up.  Though it seems like a remote possibility, I really do hope that there is an explanation for this;  failing that, I hope that he gets the help that he needs.

Update: More news on the subject.


2 Responses to Steven Page arrested.

  1. aos says:

    It does this man an injustice to think he needs help. Just substitute a glass of scotch (or three) and assume a liquor abstinent government. Or even jaywalking. His arrest is nonsense -just another indicator of an absurd drug war where good citizens (and he has been the most productive of citizens) are penalized for using a substance that is currently illegal.

    I have no patience with the mounting body count and harrassment of good people because of this particular puritanism. Over the years, I have found Page’s lyrics to be moral beacons, pointers to thoughtful responses to modern life, and this little incident bears not at all on my sense of him.

  2. Winawer says:

    aos – I don’t know how I feel about legalization of drugs, since I haven’t been able to work through the arguments on both sides yet. But the facts (which are admittedly sketchy so far) don’t look that great: found in a random house in New York with two women who lived on that street, with marijuana and cocaine in their possession. Even if you’re for the legalization of drugs, the situation in which he was found doesn’t necessarily say to me that he’s all right, and it’s in that spirit that say that I hope he can find help if he needs it.

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