Go help out at Pharyngula.

PZ Myers at Pharyngula is under attack by angry Catholics, who don’t like his statements regarding the Eucharist.  I’ll leave you to read the relevant posts to catch up, but the part that I find most appalling about this is the campaign of hate mail and death threats that PZ is now receiving, and worse, which is also being directed at the president of his university.  PZ probably isn’t in any danger of losing his job, but if you read this blog and haven’t seen what’s going on, I would urge you to roll over to Pharyngula and check out his appeal for help.  He’s calling for people to respond to the hate mail with a campaign of positive e-mails and letters;  take a look and make up your mind as to whether you’d like to support him.

As for myself, I’m going to fire up the ol’ e-mail client and write a little something to the president of PZ’s university.  No cracker is worth death threats, whatever your beliefs may be.


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