A couple of links while I’m gone…

This post will publish automatically, just to keep the blog going while I’m away for the next few days.  I just wanted to bring to your attention a couple of cool links that I came across, for your perusal:

  • Via Daring Fireball, a great story about bug hunting by a Mac developer.  I loved reading this!  It shows how developers on the front line handle tough situations.
  • Also via Daring Fireball (I love that blog), a great macuser.com column on “The Tyranny of Free”.  A great piece on putting some perspective back into the practice of charging for software.
  • On a completely random note, Jonah Lehrer at The Frontal Cortex talks about kids and happiness.  His attempt to rescue the idea of how kids give a life “a profound source of meaning” smack of desperation to me, but the issue is a thought-provoking one.

And that will do for now.  Enjoy!


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