Expelled slides into obscurity…

As a follow-up to Expelled‘s flop after its premiere in Canada last week, I tried to pull together the numbers for this weekend’s performance.  Unfortunately, finding Canadian box office results separate from US results is hard:  the only source I have is Tribute (one of the Canadian movie magazines), which publishes the top 20 Canadian movies each week.  Last week, Expelled ranked 20th on the list.

This week, it’s not even on the list.

So I can’t tell you how much it made.  What I can tell you is how much it didn’t make:  the 20th ranked film on the list was  Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic, which pulled in a total of $15,226 this weekend.  So Expelled made no more than $15,000 dollars, and chances are that it made a damn sight less.   See the bottom of this post for screencaps of the Tribute website, showing both this weekend and last weekend’s results.

In other news, the Expelled website is now reporting a total of 23 theatres playing the movie (I should have taken screenshots of this too!  Oh well, too late now). It seems that theatres are abandoning this turkey in droves, since across the nation 36% of the theatres that had been showing Expelled – according to their numbers, at least – have dropped it.

Ah, the sweet smell of failure…

Visual records of the fail follow (from Tribute.ca):

and from the previous week:


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