I don’t see how this would help.

The CBC has a story on gas prices, which have hit a record high:

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation, as part of its annual Gas Tax Honesty Day, will be paying the tax on drivers’ fuel at some filling stations across the country Wednesday.

The advocacy group, which focuses on lowering taxes and making government accountable, says the federal government is slated to collect $5 billion in direct gas and diesel taxes.

CTF director John Williamson is calling on the government to lower the federal tax on gas by five cents a litre.

It goes against my self-interest (financially, at least) to disagree with Mr. Williamson here; I’m having to fly across the country on my own dime a lot these days, and the price of fuel is causing me no end of headaches. But this suggestion of lowering federal taxes on gas seems like a rather short-sighted one. Cheap gas only encourages increased consumption, and if there’s one thing we don’t need, it’s increased consumption. Only when gas becomes too expensive to use as a primary fuel will we be able to solve the dual problems of dwindling oil supplies and global warming…


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