A game of chess, anyone?

Several years ago, I fell in love with chess as an adult. For a while, it grew to an almost unhealthy preoccupation with me, and I spent most of my time doing tactics puzzles, reading openings and endings books, and playing through masters games as well as entering every tournament that the local chess club held. The game can be a fever to some people, and it took a long time to burn out in me.

That said, I lacked the skill to really excel (my national rating topped out at about 1700), and as life intervened and I had to refocus on school, I gradually stopped playing and moved on. But I still love the game, and so I was gratified to see that Google threw up a suggestion in Reeader that led to Susan Polgar’s blog. For those of you who don’t know, Susan is one of the famous (in chess circles) Polgar sisters, along with Judit and Sofia. Though never quite as strong as Judit, Susan has been a top-level player in her own right and a brilliant influence on chess education and promotion in America.

I strongly urge you to check out her blog, which is full of all things chess. It’s almost worth checking out for the drawings and photos she posts of the top players alone! Plus, she puts in puzzles which show up in my feed reader and make me think fondly of chess games gone past – maybe I should go look up the local chess club…


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