Heard on TV…

… while watching an episode of “The Unit” in the background. Season 3, Episode 8, according to the Internet. At about 15 minutes in, one of the soldiers who has been killed by a shot through the neck is being autopsied. The doctor points to the soldier’s neck, says “It looks like it entered the neck here”, points to the neck on the xray and says …

… “snapping the cerebral cortex. He wouldn’t have felt anything.” Then he explains how the bullet entered the chest

Anyone with a even a passing knowledge of human anatomy, neuroscience, or even a bit of biology should be howling at this point, but I’ll explain the joke for those who haven’t gotten it yet: the cerebral cortex is a structure of the brain, which is most assuredly not located in the neck. It’s a shame not that not a single person involved in the production of that scene knew enough about the human body to catch that one.

The Wikipedia page on the cerebral cortex makes this pretty clear. Note that the line is not pointing anywhere near the neck:

Cerebral Cortex


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