Now *here’s* a great idea.

Uncertain Principles: A Pro-Science Film Festival: Why Not?

Over at Uncertain Principles, Chad Orzel has a really smart idea to help counter the tsunami of stupid that is Ben Stein’s Expelled:  a ScienceBlogs-sponsored science film festival, run though YouTube and featuring user-generated submissions.  This is pure Web 2.0 / user-driven content, but done for a great cause which doesn’t involve hawking automobiles.  (To be fair, I didn’t actually have that big a problem with the Chevy campaign, but I’m in a very small minority it seems…)

In any case, if you’re reading this, what are you still doing here?  Head over to Chad’s blog and voice your support or add your ideas.  If this thing goes ahead, I’d sure be tempted to borrow a camera from someone and put together my magnum opus, dissertation be damned.


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