Jenny McCarthy: please keep your “help” out of Canada.

I was on CBC looking for confirmation that the Canadiens had won another game (which was admittedly a foregone conclusion, given the massive honking which just began outside my window), and I saw a link to The Hour with Jenny McCarthy on it.

I’ve been fuming about her for some time, but now she’s coming into my country and spreading her idiocy. I’ll keep this short, though: I’m in biology and I’ve read enough of the research to satisfy myself, but I’m not in epidemiology or medicine, so I’m going to refer you to some really smart people who are. Please, if you’re reading this, go and educate yourself.

Here’s some bonus links to Canadian media and Health Canada:

In many ways, I just feel sorry for Jenny McCarthy. She has a son with autism, which is not something I can imagine having to deal with. But she’s been taken in by her own sense of self-importance and she honestly believes that she’s smarter than the entirety of the scientific and medical community because she read a couple of websites and bought into some anecdotes. If you really think that you’re smarter than the most intelligent and experienced people on this Earth, you had better damn well have some evidence. And this is where the rage comes in: with her constant television appearances and star power, she’s helping to kill children who may die from diseases that we can stop, reliably and safely.


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