Ben Stein is a goon.

In case anyone is reading this blog who hasn’t yet drowned in the angry response by the rest of the blogosphere to the creationist puff-piece Expelled, I’d like to direct you to the fantastic site Expelled Exposed, which does an absolutely brilliant job of thwacking Ben Stein and the pack of disgraceful lies he calls a movie with a stick. Here’s a few other places to go for good information on the evolution / creation debate

In case I haven’t made it clear, evolution is a big part of my research, and I find the attempts of hard-line creationists to degrade science education absolutely appalling. Though I am an athiest myself, I have no problem with the religious in particular; I dislike organized religion, but I support the right of people to believe as they will. I’m happy that – to the best of my knowledge – the creationist blather hasn’t made nearly the same foothold here in Canada as it has in the U.S.; for example, Expelled isn’t playing in very many, if any, places here. But if it rears its head here, I’ll be happy to join the fray.


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